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Doylestown here we come!

Well, now that Labor Day has come and gone, football season is upon us, and school has started back up, it is time to look for what to do after farmers' market season is over.

We are thrilled to announce that beginning this Sunday, September 11th, you will be able to find Sarge's Original on the shelves at the Doylestown Food Market!  Oh, and to top it off... we'll be giving out free samples and chatting from noon to 2 pm (maybe longer) to kick things off!


Yes, that's right.  Located at 29 W. State St., the Doylestown Food Market is just off Main St. in the heart of the borough.  What a great location and place to be a part of!

Oh! And Doylestown has decided to celebrate by also having a cycling race!  Definitely not an event to be missed!


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