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About Us

Thanks for checking us out here at Sarge's Gourmet!  The team behind the flavors are Kevin (Sarge) and Lissa (CO).  We are excited to share our creations with you.


Kevin has been cooking since even before he became Sarge.  New Year's, Super Bowl, Independence Day, you name it, and Kevin was making wings for family and friends.  After 8 years in the Army and deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan, Kevin was looking for a way to relax.  Cooking became his yoga.  While always a passion, it remained just that while trying to readjust to life after being medically discharged from the Army due to a Traumatic Brain Injury leading to chronic migraines.  Then, after coming up with a new creation, he had friends, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances give feedback.  Well, it was unanimous... Sarge had to sell this!  After listening to their comments and making some adjustments, Sarge's Original was born.

The decision to start selling sauces was an easy one for Sarge.  The process of getting everything lined up, not so much.  Licenses, certifications, registrations, insurance, accounting, design, website, all of it was a new experience for Kevin.  But... after many months of preparation, Sarge's Gourmet was created!  Through it all, Lissa has been right there with encouragement, suggestions, reality checks, social media expertise, prep work, and most importantly... a loving and caring level head.

We are proud to call Bucks County, Pennsylvania home.  From urban to rural, and everything in between, we have it all here.  With Philly, New York, Happy Valley, and the Jersey Shore all within a short drive, what more could you want?!

If you've read all of that, thank you!  We hope you enjoy our creations, and let us know what you think!


-Kevin and Lissa